I had the honor of joining Benjamin Shaprio on the MarTech podcast to chat all things Generative AI for marketers!

We covered topics like:

– Practical ways to apply AI as a marketer  

– Driving widespread AI adoption across your organization

– Ensuring responsible and ethical AI practices

– Preparing teams for AI transformation 

Get a dose of AI insights in part 1, and stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!

If you’re exploring how to leverage AI’s possibilities in your marketing stack, have a listen. I welcome your thoughts and feedback too. Let me know what AI capabilities you’re most excited about!

If you need assistance understanding how to leverage Generative AI in your marketing, advertising, or public relations campaigns, contact us today. In-person and virtual training workshops are available. Or, schedule a session for a comprehensive AI Transformation strategic roadmap to ensure your marketing team utilizes the right GAI tech stack for your needs.

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