About Human Driven AI

At its core, Human Driven AI is a knowledge hub for marketers to learn how they can harness the power of generative AI, ethically and effectively. Members of the HDAI community can stay on top of this emerging technology through articles, research, a podcast, video tips, as well as Workshops and Training Sessions and full AI Transformation Roadmaps.

The exciting, bleeding-edge opportunity that is Generative AI can improve operational efficiencies and campaign success without creating risk.

The key is to tailor your Gen AI tech stack, team training, and company guidelines to meet your specific needs for marketing automation and skills gaps augmentation.

When used strategically and ethically, Gen AI can play a role in brainstorming, creative strategy, project planning, content creation, RFP and RFI responses, SOWs, team training, data analysis – including competitive and customer predictive analysis and reporting. And, that’s just the beginning.

Using a human-centered approach that ensures the Human Drives the AI, (hence the name), HDAI’s focus is on understanding the mind, language and possibilities of Gen AI in a practical, ethical, and applicable way. 

Generative AI revolutionizes the way the work gets done, freeing your teams to focus on innovation, ideation and relationship-building. These tools are more than just copy writing an image creation. They are your partners in driving your success. HDAI can show you how.

Founded by digital marketing trailblazer Jennifer Jones-Mitchell, Human Driven AI aims to demystify this rapidly evolving technology so brands can adopt it thoughtfully, ethically, and effectively.

Jennifer Jones-Mitchell: A Trailblazing AI-Driven MARCOM Leader

Jennifer Jones-Mitchell is an internationally recognized marketing leader and AI strategist. With nearly 30 years of experience leading marketing initiatives for top global brands (B2B and B2C), Jennifer is an expert at leveraging emerging technologies like AI and machine learning to drive marketing success.

Jennifer realized that while many companies and marketers were excited about Gen AI’s potential, few understood how to practically, and ethically, apply it to their work. She launched Human Driven AI to fill this gap and help agencies and brand teams future-proof themselves via AI adoption. Her data-driven methodology enables marketers to implement AI strategically across campaigns, content production, audience targeting, and optimization.

Jennifer Jones-Mitchell

Acknowledging the challenge of capturing and sustaining attention in today’s fast-moving digital world, HDAI embraces Gen AI’s impact on Marketing, Advertising & PR to outperform traditional methods.

What sets HDAI apart is an enthusiasm for the work, consistently striving for excellence and delivering remarkable outcomes. With a strategic approach and creative touch, we help marketers unite a vast wealth of Generative AI tools across every aspect of marketing operations to help brands engage audiences and drive business growth.

What Marketing, Advertising and PR Leaders Have to Say

Hear from colleagues, clients and customers


Jennifer’s enthusiasm is infectious. She’s one of the most creative minds in the business. Jennifer is a master at connecting the dots between both digital and traditional marketing offering her clients a total solution.

Shani St. John

SVP, Strategy, Porter Novelli


Jennifer has constantly impressed me with her ability to stay informed of digital developments and identify how to connect the continuously increasing number of cogs that make up the machine. I strongly recommend Jennifer for her knowledge, intelligence, and creativity.

Marcel Crudele

VP, Strategy, Steady


Jennifer doesn’t just understand digital; she lives and breathes it. She always brings together new ideas and concepts with tried and tested tactics. Jennifer has been a mentor for me because of her knowledge of digital and how clients can benefit from it.

Viktoriya Moroney

Patient Marketer, UCB Immunology