Sometimes I think all the articles analyzing the value of different Generative AI tools, bots, and trends can get in the way of what you all really want: a list of new, commercially available Gen AI tools you can use to drive business success. Until now, this is something I’ve shared mainly with my newsletter subscribers and I keep hearing how valuable it is for them. So, I will do my best to provide monthly articles for all with a list of the Gen AI tools that have impressed me recently.

With that in mind, here are some useful Generative AI Tools and Bots to drive business success across Data, Coding, Writing, Problem-Solving, Creative Content, and more.

Data Tools and Bots

ChatKG – Create knowledge graphs with your own API key.

Morph – All-in-one data studio with real-time collaboration.

JSON data AI – Get JSON data about anything, depending on your prompt.

Chronicle AI from Granica – Deep data visibility for Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage customers.

Portfolio Magic by Contra – AI-powered portfolio builder for freelancers with payments, analytics, and more.

Instagraph – Converts text input or URL into knowledge graph and displays.

Retail intelligence by Lykadat – AI insights from fashion retail market analysis.

ChartGen AI – Create any chart instantly with just one sentence.

Epsilon – Answer academic research questions and generate summaries with citations.

Luxa – Get product insights from sales calls automatically.

Sales Tools and Bots

DealPage – AI workflows for sales engineers.

CXassist – Your inbox on autopilot using AI.

Creative Tools and Bots

Snapy – Auto edit and generate your videos with AI.

Astrocyte – Create and chat with 3D AI characters. – A simple interface for cutting-edge AI music tools.

Headshot AI – Open-source project from Leap AI that generates professional AI headshots in minutes.

Financial & Problem-Solving Tools and Bots

Kick – Daily bookkeeping for the modern business owner.

Brainglue – Playground for building powerful prompt chains to solve complex problems.

Coding and UX/UI Tools and Bots

Partykit – Open source deployment platform for AI agents with multiplayer and local first apps.

Screenwriter – Automate UI testing instantly with no code.

Magentic – Seamlessly integrate LLMs as Python functions.

v0 by Vercel Labs – Generate UI with simple text prompts. Copy, paste, ship.

Replit ModelFarm – Build gen AI apps faster without the hassle of API key management.

Lantern – A PostgreSQL vector database for building AI applications.

Be sure to check back for more lists of Generative AI tools that have caught my lately. And, don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing! In fact, here is a previous look at the best AI Affiliate Marketing Tools, the Best Video Generators, and my Top Gen AI Tools for Entrepreneurs.

If you need assistance selecting the right Gen AI tool stack for your company’s needs, or in developing your company’s AI policies, let me know. It’s why I’m here!

If you need assistance understanding how to leverage Generative AI in your marketing, advertising, or public relations campaigns, contact us today. In-person and virtual training workshops are available. Or, schedule a session for a comprehensive AI Transformation strategic roadmap to ensure your marketing team utilizes the right GAI tech stack for your needs.


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