Affiliate marketing is an ever-evolving industry, and Gen AI tools are revolutionizing content creation and audience engagement. As an affiliate marketer, you need to leverage cutting-edge AI to captivate audiences in new ways. Here are some of the top Gen AI tools to power up your affiliate campaigns:


Jasper is the premier AI writing assistant. Seriously, I’ve been using it since 2021. (Back then, it was called Jarvis, but they had to change the name because of Marvel.) Jasper remains my favorite tool for most writing needs. All you need to do is provide seed words and it analyzes tone and subject matter to generate long-form articles, emails, ad copy and more in seconds. With a wide variety of templates, fonts, languages and features like identifying key text elements, Jasper turbocharges content creation.


Gizzmo creates SEO-friendly Amazon affiliate content at scale. The Chrome extension lets you generate product reviews, descriptions and titles. Integrate these into your WordPress sites automatically using the plugin. Affiliate links and tags are added seamlessly to unlock earning potential.

Synthesia is a powerful video creation platform using AI avatars. If you know me at all, you know I love love love this platform. Uses can choose from 70+ avatars in 60+ languages and leverage 50+ templates to make professional videos in minutes that boost engagement. (And, don’t forget, videos increase time on site, which is a positive for SEO.)

Now, you don’t just need to use Synthesia’s library of avatars, you can create one of yourself. This is a process I’ve been exploring for a while now. (My first two attempts were rather hilariously flawed. I will show you my progression using that feature once I’m able to get a good version so you can learn .) Either way, Synthesia and other tools like it will absolutely transform marketing and PR. I can’t tell you how many times in my career, I’ve spent months capturing, editing and preparing video of a company’s SME only to have that person leave the company.


Murf offers an AI voice-over studio to convert text into 100+ realistic voices across 15 languages. Extensive customization around tone, emphasis, pronunciation and more enables you to craft the perfect voiceovers to connect with your audience.


Surfer SEO generates optimized, plagiarism-free SEO content. Use the Outline Builder for unique headings and questions. Discover relevant topics and keywords to target. Check keyword difficulty and volume to inform strategy. The AI writing produces high-quality articles to rank well.


StatsDrone manages 100s of igaming affiliate programs in one place. The responsive dashboard provides easy access to balance, revenue and commissions on-the-go. This niche tool scales management, so you can focus more on marketing.

The automation and personalization these AI tools enable transforms affiliate marketing. They free up time while making campaigns more effective and engaging. The future offers boundless opportunities.

If you need assistance defining the right GAI tech stack to improve your own marketing, advertising, PR, or content creation, contact me today. Human Driven AI offers in-person and virtual workshops as well as comprehensive AI Transformation roadmaps.

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