Back in the mid 2000’s, I launched a blog to help brands understand how to integrate social into their campaigns and establish company policies around its use. In fact, that was the impetus to launch Human Driven AI — to help marketers integrate this new emerging tech just like I did back then. So, here we are, once again, with the same need. Companies should establish Gen AI policies to protect themselves, their clients, employees and to ensure best practices are always followed. So, with this in mind, here are the top considerations when developing your company’s Gen AI policies.

Top Considerations for Your Company’s Gen AI Policies

  1. Establish When To Use Gen AI and When Not To Use It. Consider which types of tasks can utilize Gen AI and when Gen AI cannot be employed. Clearly outline this on your company’s Gen AI policies. You will want to update this quarterly as new Generative AI tools enter the marketplace.
  2. Define Parameters Around Intellectual Property. Be clear about who owns the output created by Gen AI tools, especially if employees are using AI to generative content, designs, code, etc. Establish procedures and company policies for reviewing Gen AI content to ensure it doesn’t infringe on existing IP rights.
  3. Develop Data Privacy Safeguards. Companies should have safeguards around the personal data privacy of employees and ensure compliance with regulations like GDPR. I also recommend outlining clear rules about preserving and protecting the company’s own data, as well as the data of clients, customers and partners to forbid confidential information from being uploaded or used as part of their ChatGPT efforts.
  4. Ethical Uses of Gen AI. Establish guidelines for the appropriate use of GenAI tools to avoid harmful or biased outputs. This is especially important as we know that AI Drift occurs and we know that many of these tools have an inherent bias because they were trained on the Internet – which is inherently biased.
  5. Ensure Security Measures Are Established. In your company’s Gen AI policies, put in place access controls, monitoring procedures, and cybersecurity measures for Gen AI systems and sensitive data sets to prevent unauthorized access or leaks.
  6. Make Transparency The Rule. Companies should always require disclosures when AI-generated content is used publicly by the company, especially for end users/customers impacted by AI decisions.
  7. Guidelines for Employee Responsibilities. Provide clear do’s and don’ts for staff in your company’s Gen AI policies regarding Gen AI usage, along with training. Make sure your employees understand the liabilities.
  8. Ensure Oversight Policies Are In Place. Designate leaders within your company who will oversee adherence to AI policies, assess risks, and continuously adapt governance as AI advances. I recommend appointing an Ethics Officer and including members from your data science, marketing, PR, HR and legal teams as part of your oversight committee.
  9. Enlist Legal Assistance for Compliance. I recommend partnering with your existing legal teams or you should bring in outside counsel to ensure your company’s use of Gen AI aligns with all applicable laws and regulations, including requirements around transparency and non-discrimination.
  10. Prepare for Risk Management. Plan for contingencies like errors/incorrect information, bias issues, misuse cases, or other unintended harms from AI systems. Have mitigation and crisis communications strategies ready to go, if needed.

Don’t wait until you need these policies. Get a head of the game and protect yourself and your company.

Formal governance helps to proactively navigate risks, prioritize ethics, align AI with company values, and ensure long-term interested are served as Gen AI becomes more integral to operations. If you need assistance developing your company’s AI policies, contact us today.

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