AI video generators are changing the game when it comes to creating video content. These cutting-edge tools are like having a creative director, animator and editor rolled into one incredibly intuitive piece of software. Let’s look at 10 mind-blowing platforms revolutionizing video production for creators and businesses in 2023. is one of my favorite tools for creating ready-made videos using their library of hundreds of avatars. This is a super quick way for marketers to create training/onboarding videos, product demos, SME content and more using an avatar that can speak any language, is always available, and whose appearance can be easily changed to meet specific audience needs. I am currently working on creating my own avatar through Synthesia – the process has been pretty funny with mishaps along the way. Look for a video on that soon. In the meantime, check out Synthesia for talking head video content.


Lumen5 transforms text into professional quality video automatically using natural language processing and stunning visuals from its massive stock library. Now anyone can make captivating videos in minutes without expertise. Offering millions of license-free images and an easy-to-use point and click process, anyone can create explainer videos, promotional content, an useful videos for brand narratives. This is a good one, folks, that is super easy to use.


Doodly specialized in AI-generated doodle animations using hand-drawn characters, props and backgrounds. You know those “whiteboard” animations that help demonstrate a brand’s narrative or explain a product’s value? Doodly can create these for you instantly. It’s a breeze to produce fun, playful videos for education, marketing or entertainment.

Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei is the intelligent AI that powers tools like Premiere Pro and After Effects. It automates tasks, suggests edits and creates motion graphics so anyone can edit like a pro. I highly recommend this tool for more in-depth videos. And, if you want to connect your video with your Adobe customer data, you can really develop content that drives unique customer experiences.


Viddyoze uses its AI engine to seamlessly add dynamic 3D elements and animations that make videos stand out. the platform has thousands of pre-built templates you can customize around your brand and business. This includes templates for social media ads, sales announcements, customer testimonials, meet-the-team videos, explainer videos, and social media posts. Now you can elevate your brand’s visual identity without breaking a sweat. combines robust editing with AI that adapts videos to multiple aspect ratios automatically. It helps deliver optimal display across platforms. The tool is especially useful for Live Streaming Studio, Video Editor, Thumbnail Maker, Video Hosting, Video Recording, and offers a Stock Library of templates and animations.


Powtoon makes it a breeze to produce awesome animated explainer videos using its easy interface and huge template library. I love that you can quickly and easily build your own characters for your explainer videos – this helps to ensure you can control the diversity of your presentation. It also makes it unbelievably easy to demonstrate your brand’s value in a fun and engaging way.


InVideo provides templates, effects and text-to-speech so anyone can make pro-level social media, marketing and personal use videos. This one is especially useful when you want to create batch social content.


Magisto is for all the musicians out there wanting to create compelling music videos. This tool analyzes and edits footage using AI to create impactful, emotionally engaging storytelling videos synchronized to music.


Moovly uses AI and intuitive drag-and-drop tools to easily generate animated videos, presentations and infographics. This is a free tool that is perfect for beginners.

As Gen AI video technology evolves, the possibilities are truly endless. These tools provide stunning visuals and simplify production so anyone can make engaging videos that captivate audiences. The future of video content creation is here. Are you ready?

If you need assistance defining the right GAI tech stack to improve your own marketing, advertising, PR, or content creation, contact me today. Human Driven AI offers in-person and virtual workshops as well as comprehensive AI Transformation roadmaps.

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