Zapier’s New AI Actions Are a Workflow Game-Changer

Automators and AI enthusiasts – your dreams are converging thanks to Zapier! I’ve previously reviewed ClickUp for Hypepotamus – a workflow management tool that I absolutely love. But, I gotta tell you Zapier just unveiled AI Actions, empowering AI platforms to easily leverage Zapier’s vast integration library. There are so many possibilities now unlocked by this new automation superpower!

How It Works

In short, AI Actions gives natural language AI access to execute Zapier’s 20,000+ pre-built actions. Imagine just telling your AI assistant to create a HubSpot lead from a Formstack submission, and Zapier handles everything behind the scenes. Good-bye API builds!

With AI Actions, execution flows directly from conversational AI commands. No complex programming required thanks to Zapier translating intent into automated outcomes. And major platforms like ChatGPT and GPT can tap into this out of the box.

But it goes far beyond pre-built AI leverage. Developers can integrate custom private AI using Zapier’s AI Actions API and keys. So you can imbue unique language models with workflow automation superpowers.

The use cases across teams and verticals are endless. Within Zapier itself, it enables no/low-code workflow building using natural language instructions. But the integration capabilities unlock so many more possibilities:

  • Marketing teams can quickly automate personalized, triggered campaigns without engineering lift. Just use AI chat to dictate links between ad data, CRM, email, landing pages and more.
  • Support teams can create AI-powered help desks that pull data from tickets to trigger relevant automations. The AI handles ticket context while Zapier provides seamless backend movement.
  • Agencies can now build automated workflows for clients with minimal developer resources. Let the AI dictate connections to orchestrate tools like Slack, Trello, G Suite and more.

The common thread is using AI’s conversational interface to unlock Zapier’s robust task execution. By uniting these powers, Zapier has opened the floodgates for business teams to automate at the speed of chat.

AI Actions are supported natively on several AI platforms:

⭐️ ChatGPT and GPTs: equip GPTs with the ability to run AI Actions, get started here.

⭐️ Zapier: use AI Actions within Zaps or the Zapier Chrome Extension, get started here.

⭐️ Custom: build a private integration directly with AI Actions via REST API  and 🔐 API Keysget started here. And more: LangChain LlamaIndex .

And handing workflow creation to non-technical users unburdens developers exponentially. When AI and RPA handle the grunt work, engineers are freed for more strategic projects. It’s a win-win for cross-functional speed and innovation!

In today’s workplace, AI comprehension and task automation are revolutionary yet disjointed skills. By bringing them together in a unified platform, Zapier has unleashed new potential for teams, efficiency and creativity.

AI Actions introduce a more luminous future where employees collaborate seamlessly – humans handling ideation and innovation while AI and automation realize our vision. A future where technology dissolves the friction hampering imagination and progress.

Zapier continues pushing boundaries so we can all go further. AI Actions are an automation breakthrough we’ll look back on as a watershed moment. What will you build first with this new power? The possibilities are limited only by our collective imagination. And that wellspring runs deeper than any AI can yet fathom.

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