Ideogram Launches AI Image Generator with Impressive Typography

Move over Midjourney and DALL-E 2 – there’s a new AI image wizard in town! Introducing Ideogram, the generative art startup launching with a major advantage: reliable text generation baked right into images.

What Is Ideogram?

Founded by ex-Google Brain alums and backed by $16.5M from a16z and Index Ventures, Ideogram brings beautiful lettering to life through its seamless typography style. Simply type a phrase, and Ideogram renders it in eye-catching fonts, colors, and designs – no janky artifacts or garbled words plaguing other generators.

Presets Make It Much Easier to Use

Peruse Ideogram’s preset styles on their newly launched web app, from 3D and cinematic to fashion and ukiyo-e, and marvel at flawless signage, logos, and text creations. Other styles include 3D rendering, cinematic, painting, fashion, product, illustration, conceptual art, ukiyo-e and others. You can select multiple styles at once or apply them all.

Below is a brief example of using a preset for Human Driven AI in neon lettering.

While still in beta, Ideogram is already winning fans like AI experts David Ha and Margaret Mitchell. And the Discord app is flooded with examples of people effortlessly generating images with polished text – a huge upgrade from today’s hit-or-miss options.

Ideogram Drawbacks

But does this mean Midjourney and DALL-E should bow out? Not so fast. Ideogram still lacks features like zooming and outpainting. And in my tests, it struggled with consistency, even when using the same phrases in multiple designs.

Notice the repeated misspellings in the below outputs.

Still, the company is clever to highlight typography as its superpower. This is a savvy move in an increasingly crowded space. For designers and creators, effortless text generation could be the gateway to choosing Ideogram over rivals.

The AI image race continues as players add upgrades like Midjourney’s new “vary region”, subtracting or altering sections. But for those craving images with built-in wow-factor text, Ideogram brings a compelling advantage.

I eagerly anticipate watching Ideogram’s typographic sorcery evolve. Will reliable text generation cement its status as the graphic design community’s new go-to generator? For now, I’m simply impressed by its magic touch in an exciting time for AI creativity. Kudos to the minds behind Ideogram for this ingenious innovation – one step closer to AI unicorn status!

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