Zomato Launches AI Chatbot to Enhance Food Ordering Experience

The India-based restaurant aggregator recently unveiled an artificial intelligence chatbot to spice up meal ordering. Meet Zomato AI, the “intelligent, intuitive, and interactive foodie” designed to serve up seamless customer service and real-time responses as fluid as texting a friend.

What Is Zomato AI?

Zomato built their brainy bot on a multiple-agent framework, equipping it with diverse skills. By linking prompts and functions, it can dynamically access data to address queries. The tech enables uninterrupted back-and-forth to satisfy any food craving.

Credit: rafapress/Shutterstock.com.

Craving a go-to hangover helper or low-carb, high-protein fix? Zomato AI’s got you covered with tailored dish ideas to order. It’s your personal food genie, focused on matching rumbling stomachs with the perfect delivery.

The AI chatbot rolls out as Zomato focuses on transforming the customer experience through technology. It follows the Bangladore food delivery rival Swiggy’s plans to introduce a neural search feature for simplified food ordering. And, here in the States, DoorDash’s recently announced DashAI feature with the same goal.

Zomato stated: “One of the things we have made is the creation of numerous functions on Zomato that we are able to expose to our AI agents. This allows the AI agents to dynamically call for whatever data they need in order to best serve the customer query. Zomato AI is designed to be your ultimate foodie companion. Zomato AI is focused on helping you find the perfect dish to order when you’re browsing Zomato with a rumbling stomach.”

But Zomato believes their intelligent assistant offers an interactive edge in connecting foodies with their next meal. Because satisfying customer stomachs is what they do best.

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