TikTok Enforces Rules For AI-Generated Imagery and Content

As AI-created content keeps exploding, social platforms are scrambling to get ahead of the wave while also trying to ride it. TikTok just became the latest app to enforce new rules around disclosing AI-generated content.

What Are The Rules and How Does It Work?

Users now get a notification advising them to tag any artificial imagery and scenes or they risk content removal. We’re talking deepfakes and anything depicting realistic people or places conjured up by algorithms.

TikTok actually updated its policies back in March. But now it’s getting serious about enforcement, prompting creators to activate a dedicated AI tag when uploading.

Instagram and YouTube are also developing tools for labeling AI content. Gotta get ready for the “AI tsunami” as YouTube puts it.

TikTok has a unique advantage here thanks to its Chinese twin Douyin. New features in TikTok are usually already polished from months of Douyin testing. So by peeking at Chinese updates and rules, you can preview what’s next for TikTok.

The disclosure rules are key as DALL-E, Midjourney and other tools go mainstream. Not all AI creations will be as obvious as a Harry Potter-Balenciaga mashup. Social platforms need users to understand what’s real and what’s imagined by algorithms.

It’s an uphill battle, but TikTok’s moves show it’s leading the charge in getting ahead of the AI explosion. Users want magical AI content, but we also need to know what’s real as there could be severe implications to markets, elections and more.

Stay tuned as I am confident we will see more tools and protections developed in the coming weeks.

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