Bill Gates Says AI Will Be Teaching Kids Within 18 Months

ChatGPT and other AI chatbots could transform education and how kids learn reading and writing in just 18 months, according to Bill Gates.

In a recent talk, Gates said AI tools will soon reach the ability to tutor as effectively as any human. Teaching writing has been tricky for computers lacking human cognition. But chatbots can recognize and recreate natural language.

Tools like ChatGPT have quickly advanced to compete with humans on standardized tests. New York Times tech writer Kevin Roose has used ChatGPT to improve his writing by rapidly searching style guides. Some academics are impressed by chatbots summarizing text or writing essays too.

Gates believes the tech will keep improving to better motivate students. Right now, AI is better at language than subjects like math that are used to develop the technology. Chatbots can solve existing equations but struggle to reason through new problems.

Tutoring Made More Accessible Through AI

Within two years, Gates expects chatbots to help democratize private tutoring and education. Free versions exist already, but more advanced chatbots will likely charge fees – although less than human tutors.

As with any AI, chatbot tutors have limitations. They lack human judgment, empathy and reasoning. But their 24/7 availability and personalized support could make learning more engaging and effective for many kids.

Extended Reality (XR) Poised to Transform Education

We already know that XR is transforming education by bringing studies to life. This is an excellent presentation from Monica Ares on XR and Education. In it, she describes a world where every student has their own personal avatar tutor, which can use AI to recognize when the student is bored, confused, or ready to move on.

Ares goes on to emphasize how leveraging augmented and virtual realities can help students immerse themselves in their studies in ways the traditional classroom simply cannot.

It’s an exciting frontier, though not without challenges. We all know that AI Drift – or denigration is very real. In fact, an AI think tank recently declared that ChatGPT is a public safety risk. Meanwhile another study revealed the political bias in ChatGPT.

Thoughtful oversight is needed to ensure chatbots teach factual information and promote learning in a healthy, ethical way. But if developed responsibly, AI tutors could bring more equitable education within reach.

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