How AI Can Supercharge Your SEO Strategy

Search marketing is getting a major upgrade thanks to the rise of Generative AI. These advanced systems are transforming how we find information online and changing search as we know it. In fact, AI can transform search marketing strategies in exciting new ways. If you haven’t heard the podcast episode with SEO leader, Winston Burton. You can also watch a video of the discussion.

So what exactly is “Generative search”? First, let’s break down the difference between generative and predictive AI.

Predictive AI is Google’s specialty. It uses data to make suggestions, like recommended bids and keyword matches in Google Ads. It enhances the search experience through insights.

Generative AI creates brand new content and assets from scratch using neural networks and training data. We’re talking original text, images, videos – you name it. This tech goes beyond pre-programmed rules to generate human-like outputs.

With creative AIs like ChatGPT exploding, will this spell the end of SERPs as we know them? Not so fast. Experts say the reality will be more balanced with around 10% of searches will tap generative AI, blended with traditional results.

Ways to leverage Generative AI in your search marketing:

  1. Automated ad asset generation. AI analyzes campaigns and data to create new display and video ad copies that resonate, resulting in higher click-through and performance. But brand consistency is still a limitation.
  2. Real-time bid optimization. Bidding and costs stay efficient through dynamic adjustments based on live campaign data and competitor strategies.
  3. Audience segmentation. Whole Market View tech lets you segment audiences for tailored targeting and maximum relevance.
  4. Ad testing. Generative AI churns out multiple ad versions to test and glean insights on what works.
  5. Predictive analytics. Analyze data to forecast campaign results under different scenarios. Optimize proactively.
  6. Personalization. Serve customized ads to specific users based on preferences for higher engagement and conversions.

Behind the scenes, generative AI will really revolutionize platforms like Google Ads as AI assistants will help with spotting trends, flagging opportunities, and testing new creatives.

The future looks bright. As generative AI keeps advancing, it will reshape search to be more accurate, relevant, and personalized.

For now, focus on blending generative AI into a balanced search strategy. Go beyond guesswork with AI-powered intelligence revealing who’s bidding on your brand and how your competitors advertise. Embrace the AI upgrade to maximize search success.

If you need assistance understanding how to leverage Generative AI in your marketing, advertising, or public relations campaigns, contact us today. In-person and virtual training workshops are available. Or, schedule a session for a comprehensive AI Transformation strategic roadmap to ensure your marketing team utilizes the right GAI tech stack for your needs.

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