Bank of America Employs AI and the Metaverse For Employee Onboarding

Looks like Bank of America just quantum leaped into the future of employee onboarding and training. According to Bloomberg, they’ve started using AI and the Metaverse to create immersive simulated experiences for new recruits.

The goal is to let new hires practice real-world scenarios and build critical skills during their onboarding training before they ever step foot in an actual branch or call center. We’re talking about things like handling challenging customer complaints, spotting potential fraud, and responding to security threats – all through lifelike VR simulations.

AI Mimics Real-World Customer Interactions

And it’s not just virtual reality. BofA is also employing AI-powered conversations to mimic client interactions and provide personalized coaching. Between the two, new employees get to flex their skills in a safe environment.

The tech extends globally, with over 200,000 employees already benefiting from the hypermodern training. And the results look good – participants report feeling way more confident and comfortable performing their actual jobs after going through the simulations.

This is a big deal and smart strategic move by Bank of America. Immersive learning through AI and VR helps recruits level up faster. It provides customizable experiences scaled to thousands of employees worldwide. And it gets the next generation of banking talent up to speed and customer-ready quickly.

Other major brands are sure to follow BofA’s lead. But for now, they’ve staked an innovative path into our tech-fueled future of work. Metaverse onboarding is here, and Bank of America is leading the charge.

It can be easy for people to dismiss the Metaverse as a place for just fun and games. But, this can be a tool for employee training and development as BofA shows. The Metaverse will also enable brands to create meaningful and memorable brand experiences in truly unique environments. Frankly, it makes me happy to be able to be a part of this incredible new world.

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