Google’s Generative AI Search Now Shows Videos and Images

Google expanded the capabilities of its Search Generative Experiment (SGE) feature to include images and video in the AI-generated search results.

SGE was first announced at the company’s I/O developer conference in May 2022. The tool uses generative AI to provide summarized overviews and relevant links for search queries.

Google added contextual images and videos to these AI-generated search results.

Image Credits: Google

For example, when searching for “tiniest birds of prey” the results may now show images of small raptors like the elf owl. And, queries like “how to remove marble stains” could display tutorial videos on stain removal.

Publish Dates Help Users Understand How Current Results Are

According to Google, publish dates will also be displayed for suggested links to give users a sense of how current the information is. The company says it has focused on improving the performance of SGE so users can quickly access these AI-powered search features.

The new generative AI shopping experience is built on Google’s Shopping Graph, which has more than 35 billion product listings, Google notes.

SGE is currently available in preview to select users who signed up through Google’s testing program Search Labs. If you’re in the U.S., you can join the waitlist today by tapping the Labs icon in the latest version of the Google app or Chrome desktop. You can access it through the Google app on iOS and Android devices or via the Chrome browser on desktop.

The launch of SGE reflects Google’s growing investment in generative AI across its products, including the AI chatbot Bard, Workspace productivity tools, and more.

As Google continues to refine its AI search capabilities, the company aims to strike a balance between providing helpful summarized information while also giving users transparency into the sources.

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