LinkedIn Adds Generative AI To Help Job Seekers

LinkedIn is rolling out some exciting new features powered by AI to give job seekers a competitive edge in their search for new opportunities. Already the world’s largest professional network boasting over 850 million members globally, LinkedIn is in a unique position to leverage its massive trove of data and insights to help connect job seekers land the right roles.

Personalized and Predictive Assistance for Job Hunters

The new premium AI tools will specifically utilize large language models in combination with LinkedIn’s extensive knowledge graph containing information on over 67 million companies and over one billion professionals. This wealth of information will allow LinkedIn to provide more personalized and predictive recommendations to assist users throughout the job hunting process.

One of the most useful features is the AI’s ability to analyze the job seeker’s feed and network connections to identify industry trends, commentary, and news that could impact potential job opportunities. The AI will automatically highlight which of the user’s connections have expertise or interest in subjects relevant to the user’s search. This allows job seekers to easily identify and reach out to contacts who may offer insider advice or even give referrals.

Real-time Feedback on the Competition for Positions

LinkedIn’s AI will also assess the user’s profile and experience and provide feedback on how they stack up for any given role. It can point out skill gaps that need to be addressed and recommend educational content to help users strengthen their qualifications. This insight makes it easier for job seekers to focus their efforts on suitable roles and ensure their resumes and applications are tailored accordingly.

Additionally, when a user finds a job listing they are interested in, LinkedIn’s AI will analyze the posting to gauge how strong of a match the user is for that particular opportunity. It can give guidance on whether the user looks competitive compared to other prospective applicants based on their background and connections.

AI-Powered Messages for Advice, Leads, Referrals and More

Users can leverage the AI to assist job seekers with one of the most challenging aspects of the process – reaching out to contacts for advice, leads, referrals, and more. It will help draft customized messages to send to the user’s connections asking for informational interviews, job leads, company insights, referral requests, and other types of outreach. This takes the guesswork out of networking by providing job seekers with AI-generated templates for making those critical connections.

According to LinkedIn’s Vice President of Product Management, Gyanda Sachdeva,

“We’ve always tried to make professionals more proactive in their job searches. Now we’re taking a big leap forward—we’re not just giving them the tools to do it but actually doing it for them.”

New AI Features Free to Premium Members

By leveraging the power of its AI, LinkedIn aims to simplify job hunting and empower users to more effortlessly accomplish their career goals. For premium subscribers, these new features will be included at no extra charge as part of their membership.

LinkedIn plans to first roll out the AI tools to a pilot group of premium users over the coming months. Once the technology has been tested and refined based on user feedback, the generative AI capabilities will become more widely available.

This integration of large language models represents an exciting new chapter in LinkedIn’s ongoing mission to connect professionals with opportunity. As Erran Berger, VP of Product Engineering at LinkedIn, explains:

“This is about making it so much easier, so that when members come to LinkedIn with a special purpose in mind, they can accomplish those goals in their professional lives.”

For any job seeker feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about their next steps, LinkedIn’s AI looks poised to provide some much-needed clarity and direction. I will take a deeper dive into it this weekend and will let you know what I think about it.

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