Meta’s Next Open Source AI Release Is a Code-Generating Bot

Meta is gearing up to unveil its latest foray into open source artificial intelligence – a code-generating bot dubbed ‘Code Llama’ built on top of their internal Llama language model architecture. This addition to Meta’s roster of open source AI releases aims to provide developers with an automatic coding assistant to rival similar proprietary offerings from AI giants like OpenAI and Google.

How Will Code Llama Work?

According to insider sources speaking to The Information, Code Llama could see an initial release in the coming week. Reports indicate the bot will suggest full lines of code to programmers as they type, although the exact implementation remains to be seen. This would put Code Llama into direct competition with OpenAI’s Codex and Code Interpreter for ChatGPT, as well as Google’s own Bard AI which can generate code in over 20 programming languages.

Meta Playing Catch Up To OpenAI and Google

By opting to release Code Llama as free, open source software, Meta is continuing their strategy of arming developers with customizable AI systems without the usage fees charged by other Big Tech competitors in the space. Despite jumping into the public AI race late compared to OpenAI and Google, Meta’s open source plays have gained significant traction.

Code Llama builds upon Meta’s Llama 2 language model, developed alongside Microsoft and trained on a dataset 40% larger than the original Llama release. But Meta isn’t just focused on empowering external developers with its AI. The company aims to leverage these systems to enhance its own products, including integrating AI into Facebook and reinvigorating their struggling Metaverse ambitions.

Code Llama Could Help with Meta’s PR Problems

Releasing Code Llama as open source allows Meta to undercut competitors as they maintain dominance in their core advertising business. It also provides clout to counter PR headaches like recent lawsuits claiming Meta trained AIs on copyrighted material without permission.

Earlier this month, Meta open sourced their AudioCraft model containing several audio-focused AIs like MusicGen and AudioGen. With Code Llama joining Meta’s roster alongside an array of smaller AI tools released this year, the company is quickly ramping up their open source AI contributions despite joining the consumer AI hype late.

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