Apple is Testing a ChatGPT-like AI Chatbot

Apple is developing its own generative AI tools called “Apple GPT” to challenge OpenAI, Google and others, according to a report from Bloomberg. Apple has yet to announce a strategy to make the technology available to consumers, but is reportedly planning to make an AI-related announcement next year.

The Bloomberg report says Apple built its own framework, codenamed “Ajax,” to create large language models, which are AI-based systems that power offerings like Open AI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard. Ajax runs on Google Cloud and was built with Google JAX, the company’s machine learning framework. Apple is leveraging Ajax to create large language models and serve as the foundation for the internal ChatGPT-style tool.

The chatbot is currently being used internally as Apple’s employees are using it to help with product prototyping. The chatbot can be used to summarize text and answer questions based on the data it trained on.

Reports indicate Apple’s chatbot is similar to Bard, ChatGPT and Bing AI, as it doesn’t offer any additional features to separate it from what’s currently commercially available.

I will continue to monitor Apple’s GPT once it’s been made publicly available and will let you know how is stacks up to the other tools.

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