PRProphet Could Make Cision and MuckRack Obsolete

Anyone who has ever worked in PR knows your results are only as good as your media relationships. For decades, we’ve relied on tools like Cision and MuckRack to help us identify the right reporters for a custom pitch. But, even then, we were merely working from a media list. We still needed to take the time to research each reporter’s recent stories to determine the likelihood of their interest. Well, now, PR pros can have PRProphet do the work for them. In fact, this AI tool is so good, I believe it could make Cision and MuckRack obsolete soon.

Here’s how PRProphet works.

  • You draft your pitch. The system requires at least 200 words to truly understand the nature of your pitch.
  • Prophet will then rewrite your pitch, if needed, to make it more compelling. You can compare your original pitch with the AI-generated version. Personally, I find a combination of the AI version and my own version works best.
  • Then, you select “Pitch” and define your target audience’s industry. This isn’t as intuitive as I’d like as the initial list didn’t seem to allow for “Marketing, Advertising and PR” reporters. It’s there, but you may have to type it out versus relying on the drop-down menu.
  • Give it just a couple of minutes and PRProphet will not just return a media list, but it will also include the likelihood of each reporter’s interest, based on a real-time review of their recent published works. I can’t begin to express how much time this saves!
  • From there, you can have PRProphet craft and send a customized email to the reporter. Personally, I’m not too impressed with the “customized email” as it often reads like it was written by AI. And, I prefer to customize the email pitches myself. I also prefer to email the pitches through my business email versus the platform. But, that’s easy enough to do.

That’s it. It’s a fairly simple process to help you create not just a massive media list of every reporter in a specific category, but rather a scored look at who would actually be interested in your pitch.

You can even dive deeper into why the platform recommends a specific reporter in order to ensure they are the right fit. I recommend you follow this step because in some cases, I’ve found that a reporter may have just one recently published article that aligns with your topic, but most of their content does not.

Either way, this seems like a phenomenal tool for PR pros to have in their toolkit. And, I honestly think unless Cision and MuckRack start adding similar AI-driven predictions to their media list offerings, they will soon be obsolete by comparison.

Try out PRProphet and let me know what you think!






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