We Are the Internet of Things, Thanks to Humane AI

The tech world is buzzing about the newly debuted Humane Ai Pin, a futuristic voice-controlled wearable that aims to replace the need for smartphones. As someone who is always on the go between work, my family, my friends, and everything in between, I’m obsessed with any device that can make my busy life a little simpler. And let me tell you, this new Ai Pin has totally blown me away.

What The AI Pin Is

In case you haven’t heard of it yet, Ai Pin is being called the first “anti-smartphone.” As in, it could replace the smartphones that have taken over our lives. Now, I’ll be the first to admit I’m glued to my iPhone. It’s my portal to everything – work, friends, social media, news, and my favorite shopping apps. But as much as I love it, I also know spending so much time staring at a screen can’t be great for my eyes, posture or mental health.

That’s where Ai Pin comes in. Instead of having your nose in your phone 24/7, it’s designed to keep you present and engaged with the real world around you. How, you ask? Well unsurprisingly, Ai Pin is packed with some seriously futuristic features. Let’s take a walk through the most mind-blowing ones:

No More Screens with Palm Projection

First off, there’s no screen. I know, wild right? But stay with me. Since there’s no display, interacting with Ai Pin is all about voice commands and audio. You talk to it, and it talks back to you. Simple as that. There’s anAi Mic that can handle requests like “Text Mom I’ll be 5 minutes late,” or “Find me that cookie recipe.”

The Ai Pin uses a laser projector that displays visuals directly onto your palm when needed. Just tap your fingers together, and you can pull up images, texts, maps – you name it. Talk about the best of both worlds. The idea is that you can get the info you need without getting sucked into scrolling on a screen for hours.

Privacy For You and Others

Another thing I’m loving about Ai Pin is how it’s designed with privacy top of mind. There’s no constant listening like Siri or Alexa. You manually turn Ai Pin on when you want to use it. And there’s a light that lets people around you know when it’s on and recording.

Ai Pin also has a “directional speaker” that keeps your convos just between you and your device. As someone who cannot stand listening to other people using the speaker for their calls, I can appreciate the discretion.

While I appreciate Ai Pin’s privacy features like manual activation and audio directionality, I question how seamless voice commands would be in noisy real-world environments. Once I try it out, I will let you know how it holds up.

The Ai Pin Uses Magnets To Attach To Your Clothing

The Ai Pin attaches to your clothing magnetically. There are advantages and disadvantages to this.

Since the fashion industry long-ago decided not to put pockets in women’s clothing, I usually have to keep my smartphone in my purse where it can be difficult to grab quickly or in my hand, where I can easily drop it. I like that the magnetic pin lets me carry it with me and still go hands-free. In fact, Humane AI referenced this in a promotional video for the Ai Pin in which a mom is able to instantly capture her child’s first steps because she didn’t need to fumble around for a camera. Instead she taps her Ai Pin and says “capture.”

As someone who loves to take in-the-moment videos and photos, I do like that feature. And, it does offer some safety knowing it can easily capture what’s in front of it. Of course, a lot of women use their phones to capture what’s behind them – particularly men following or harassing them on the street. That would be more difficult to do with just the Ai Pin on your front lapel.

Plus, I know how often clothes in our household end up in the washer with various name tags stuck to the lapels and/or items in the pockets. I can only imagine how many people will accidentally wash their Ai Pin.

Answers Questions From Visual Cues

Okay, now to the seriously futuristic stuff. Ai Pin can look at an apple in your hand and tell you the nutritional info. It can also translate foreign languages in real-time as you talk to someone. Definitely love those features!

You can ask Ai Pin to dictate texts, look up info, make purchases, you name it. It connects to all your accounts and apps. And get this – you can ask Ai Pin to summarize important details from your inbox or calendar. So it’s like your own personal assistant giving you the download on what you need to know.

Given The Cost, It Better Replace Smartphones

When it comes to adoption, Ai Pin’s $699 starting price tag plus $24 monthly cell service fee seems high. Honestly, with that price tag, this thing had better replace the smartphone because I can’t see too many people having both.

Using the Ai Pin also requires changing engrained smartphone habits. While early tech adopters may be quick to jump on the bandwagon, I imagine average consumers could be slower to ditch their smartphones, at least until wages start to increase.

For now, I look forward to following Ai Pin’s journey from buzzy prototype to widespread consumer adoption. While it likely won’t fully replace smartphones overnight, Humane seems to be pushing wearables in a promising direction. I’m eager to see how products like Ai Pin continue to evolve to strike that ever-important balance between meaningful utility and over-dependence on technology.

At the end of the day, technology is meant to bring us together and make the world more connected. But it has to be designed thoughtfully with ethics in mind. I think devices like Ai Pin point us in an optimistic direction because at the very least, we will start to loop up from our phones.

One thing is for sure, the future is here and it’s pretty darn cool. I don’t know about you, but I am pumped to see how this kind of tech continues to evolve. The possibilities seem endless. Let me know what gadgets or gizmos you have your eye on these days!

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