Vimeo Now Offers AI-Powered Tools for Corporate Marketers

The video platform Vimeo is integrating new AI tools for paying users, including an AI-powered script generation feature utilizing OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Other new features include a teleprompter and a video editor. These features should help users to quickly create a fully produced video.

The three new AI-powered tools include:

Script Generator: This tool uses a brief description, including key prompts around the voice/tone and copy length.

Teleprompter: While there is no AI component to this feature, it does allow users to adjust timing and font size.

Text-based Video Editor: This video editor uses AI to identify filler words such as “like, um, or you know.” It also identifies long pauses and awkward moments and allows users to remove them with a single click.

These AI-powered tools will be available in July to users paying for Vimeo’s “standard plan” with prices starting at $20 a month)

Vimeo is positioning these features as an “all-in-one resource for video production.” Vimeo has struggled to compete with YouTube for a user-base. Originally, the company tried to brand the platform as the source for artists and creative content producers and has since shifted its strategy to corporate content creators.

These tools do sound useful and can save time for marketers creating video content. I will test them out next month and let you all know how well the script generator does developing unique and compelling copy. If you need assistance leveraging AI for your marketing campaigns, contact me today; I’m here to help.






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