Google and Anthropic’s Expanded Partnership Around Safety

Google and Anthropic just announced an expanded partnership to advance responsible AI systems. This is big, because these two tech leaders are uniting their tools and values to shape the future of artificial intelligence.

Attending the AI Safety Summit

The timing of this announcement coincides with Google and Anthropic employees attending the first ever AI Safety Summit in the UK last week. This historic event at Bletchley Park gathered government leaders, tech companies, and academics to talk about the risks of advanced AI. They discussed measures to ensure safety as the tech progresses.

Google and Anthropic have partnered with the Frontier Model Forum before to promote AI safety best practices. They’re also working with MLCommons to increase transparency in AI with trustworthy benchmarks. So I love seeing them continue joining forces at influential summits like this.

Securing AI with Google Cloud Solutions

Part of responsible AI is securing systems against misuse or attacks. To protect customers using Anthropic’s AI models, they’re now leveraging several of Google Cloud’s security services. This includes Chronicle’s AI-powered monitoring, Secure Enterprise Browsing for endpoint devices, and Security Command Center for visibility across networks.

With cyberthreats growing every day, it’s so important that advanced AI has strong safeguards in place. Combining Google’s leading security tools with Anthropic’s safety mission is a win-win for the field.

Scaling Up Claude Responsibly with Cloud TPUs

The other big part of this expanded partnership is Anthropic adopting Google’s newest Tensor Processing Units. TPUs are custom chips optimized specifically for ML workloads. The new Cloud TPU v5e version is their most powerful and efficient one yet!

Anthropic will leverage Cloud TPU v5e to serve inferences for their natural language model Claude. You may have seen some buzz around Claude lately – it’s an AI assistant designed to be helpful, harmless, and honest.

Recent benchmarks show the new TPU v5e has up to 2.7x better performance per dollar than previous gen chips. It’s the perfect combo of speed and cost-efficiency for large language models like Claude.

With advanced scale-out tech like Multislice training, Anthropic can expand Claude’s capabilities exponentially across thousands of TPUs in the cloud. And the sustainability improvements in TPU v5e will help them minimize the carbon footprint.

Speaking with the Founders

In the announcement, Google Cloud’s CEO highlighted shared values with Anthropic to develop AI responsibly. Meanwhile, Anthropic’s CEO talked about deploying AI to benefit society. I love seeing this commitment from top leadership!

Here’s a snippet from Anthropic’s founder Dario Amodei:

“Our longstanding partnership with Google is founded on a shared commitment to develop AI responsibly and deploy it in a way that benefits society. We look forward to our continued collaboration as we work to make steerable, reliable and interpretable AI systems available to more businesses around the world.”

The Takeaway

With AI advancing so rapidly, it’s crucial that ethics and safety guide development. I’m super encouraged seeing two influential players like Google and Anthropic team up to steer the field toward responsible innovation. They have the expertise, tools, and values to set high standards.

What do you think about Google and Anthropic partnering up? How important do you think it is for tech leaders to prioritize AI safety? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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