Marketing Leadership Outlook on GAI Adoption

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The new report, Marketing Leadership Outlook on GAI Adoption, synthesizes responses from over 1,100 marketing professionals currently employed in the U.S. to provide an unprecedented view into the Generative AI landscape.

The rapid evolution of AI is transforming marketing workflows.

Companies and agencies are looking to their marketing teams to do more while optimizing Generative AI. But how are teams implementing these tools today and planning for the future? What are their top concerns? What do they want from their employers to prepare them for a future state of AI?

Key insights include:

  • Current and planned spending on Generative AI technology
  • The types of Generative AI tools most used by marketers
  • Marketers’ views about Generative AI’s impact on employment
  • Professional development opportunities in Generative AI
  • Perspectives on ethics, bias and trust in GAI content
  • Marketers’ views on regulations and guidelines

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“This is a time of incredible transformation that requires us to reimagine how we plan and create marketing, advertising and PR campaigns, and how we can better engage target audiences through GAI.”

Jennifer Jones-Mitchell, Human Driven AI

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