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Generative AI is transforming every aspect of marketing, public relations and advertising.

Schedule a bespoke team training and revolutionize how your agency leverages AI in marketing.

  • Comprehensive Training: Gain a deep understanding of AI language and capabilities, from automated insights to predictive analytics.
  • Practical Application: Learn how to curate effective prompts, automate tasks, and create personalized content with AI.
  • Ethical AI Use: Understand how to use AI responsibly and effectively in the advertising world.

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  • Customized team trainings developed to meet your team’s requirements and opportunities.
  • An understanding of prompt engineering and how to “talk” to each AI system.
  • Use cases to help your team automate common tasks and augment skills gaps.
  • A recommended generative AI tech stack to serve your team’s specific needs.
  • Training in Human Driven AI’s TDC process to ensure the ethical use of AI.
  • Quarterly consulting to ensure your team keeps up with tools and trends.

What Attendees Say

Hear from real marketers who’ve attended a custom Generative AI team training.


“What I loved most was Jennifer’s comprehensive overview of how to “talk” with AI. I felt informed about how the prompts were curated and confident I could use the language to effectively communicate with AI.”

Emily S.

PR Manager


“If you want to unlock the power of AI for your agency, you need to bring in Jennifer Jones-Mitchell. She doesn’t just explain different tools. She explains how to work strategically with them.”

Eric C.

Marketing Agency Owner


“I wasn’t a supporter of using AI until Jennifer’s presentation. She showed us how we can use AI ethically and successfully for ad content. I walked in a skeptic and came out a believer.”

Gabriel H.

Creative Director

Get Your Team AI-Ready for 2024.