AI for Agencies Workshop

Don’t Get Left Behind!

In-Person Or Virtual
90 Minutes

Is Your Agency Ready to Adopt AI?

If not, you risk falling behind your competition. Rapid advances in artificial intelligence are transforming marketing and PR workflows. Agencies that fail to effectively integrate AI tools will struggle to keep pace.

That’s why agency veteran Jennifer Jones-Mitchell created in-depth AI adoption workshops tailored specifically for agency leaders.

With nearly 30 years of experience leading prominent agencies including Ogilvy, Porter Novelli, Publicis, and The Brandware Group, Jennifer understands exactly how AI can enhance agency operations.


In this interactive virtual or in-person session, you’ll learn:

  • How today’s top agencies are already using AI to drive efficiencies
  • A clear framework for identifying tasks and workflows ripe for automation
  • How generative AI can augment (not replace) advisor skills and creativity
  • Best practices for integrating AI into your tech stack and processes
  • Guardrails to ensure ethical, transparent AI use


The workshop also features hands-on demos of leading AI content creation tools so you can experience the technology firsthand.

Few agency practitioners have the time to test all the generative AI tools on the market today. Jennifer will identify the right GAI tech stack for your specific agency and will show your teams how to leverage those tools to improve agency operations and campaign performance.


Beyond an exploration of existing generative AI tools, Jennifer will ensure your agency teams understand how GAI thinks, communicates and learns.

This will enable your teams to continue teaching select generative AI tools how to improve their outputs, ensuring the highest quality of customized, on-brand content.

You’ll leave confident in your ability to implement AI in ways that benefit both your agency and your clients.

Don’t Fall Behind!

Don’t let your agency fall behind on leveraging artificial intelligence. Schedule this essential workshop and future-proof your operations.

Generative AI is poised to unleash the next wave of productivity. 

75% of agency leaders plan to integrate generative AI tools into their daily operations.

Are you one of them?

Don’t get left behind in the race to adopt generative AI for agency operations!

Jennifer Jones-Mitchell

Jennifer Jones-Mitchell
Marketer, AI Transformation Leader

Having served as a mid-sized agency president and in senior leadership positions within global agencies, Jennifer understands the inner workings of agency life. She will pinpoint opportunities for automation and skills gaps augmentation.

Jennifer will help your teams understand the mind and language of generative AI so they can utilize the right tools to improve campaign performance and streamline common tasks.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Jennifer can lead AI for Agencies workshops in-person or virtually.