Agency Prompts

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Client Management

Send proposal to a client:

Provide a proposal template for [MY COMPANY] to pitch to a potential client in the [INDUSTRY]. Include sections on our company’s background, services, pricing, and projected outcomes.

Draft a proposal for [CLIENT NAME], who is interested in our [PRODUCT/SERVICE]. Include information about our company’s history, previous success stories, and how we can tailor our services to fit their specific needs.

Create a proposal for [MY COMPANY] to present to [COMPANY NAME] for a [PROJECT/CONTRACT]. Generate a proposal that includes our proposed timeline, budget, and deliverables?

Gather client testimonials:

Describe the experience you had with [COMPANY] and how it has impacted your [PRODUCT/SERVICE/PROCESS]. Specifically, what challenges did you face before working with [COMPANY], and how did they help you overcome them?”

What sets [COMPANY] apart from other [PRODUCT/SERVICE] providers you’ve worked with in the past? Provide specific examples of how [COMPANY] has exceeded your expectations.

Team Management

Performance feedback:

Provide a detailed analysis of [EMPLOYEE]’s performance over the past [TIME PERIOD], including specific examples of areas where they excelled and areas where improvement is needed? Provide at least [NUMBER] examples for each category.

Based on [EMPLOYEE]’s recent performance, what are [NUMBER] specific areas where they could benefit from additional training or professional development opportunities? Provide [NUMBER] examples of potential training or development opportunities.

Provide feedback on [EMPLOYEE]’s communication skills, including their ability to [SPECIFIC COMMUNICATION SKILL]? Provide at least [NUMBER] examples of where they demonstrated this skill, and [NUMBER] examples of where they could improve.

Based on [EMPLOYEE]’s recent work on the [PROJECT/CLIENT/DEPARTMENT], what are some specific examples of contributions they made that positively impacted the [OUTCOME/RESULTS]? Provide [NUMBER] examples.

How would you rate [EMPLOYEE]’s ability to work collaboratively with others on the [PROJECT/TEAM], and what specific steps could they take to improve in this area? Provide [NUMBER] actionable steps.

Content Creation

Write a case study:

Provide a case study template for [CLIENT NAME]’s [PRODUCT/SERVICE] that showcases the results achieved. Please suggest the key metrics and KPIs that should be included. Use [AGENCY NAME], [RESULTS], and [KEY METRICS].

How would you structure a case study for [CLIENT NAME] that focuses on their journey of digital transformation? Suggest the main sections, such as the challenges, the solutions, and the outcomes achieved. Use [AGENCY NAME], [CLIENT NAME], and [OUTCOMES] as placeholders for customization.

Provide a case study template for [CLIENT NAME] that highlights their social media strategy. Please include details on the objectives, the tactics, and the results achieved. Use [AGENCY NAME], [CLIENT NAME], and [RESULTS].

Write a white paper (enter each prompt as its own separate step, for best results.)

Create a detailed outline for an agency white paper on [TOPIC] that covers the most important aspects of the industry [YOUR INDUSTRY], including [KEY POINTS]. Please include an introduction, several subheadings, and a conclusion that highlights the key takeaways for [AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHIC].

Write a creative hook for my agency white paper on [TOPIC].

•Generate three opening sentences that grab the reader’s attention and set the tone for the rest of the document.

•Include relevant industry terms and showcase the unique value of our agency.

Develop a comprehensive analysis of the current [INDUSTRY] landscape and how our agency can position ourselves as a leader in the field.

•Provide four insights and data points that support [OUR CLAIMS/POSITON] and demonstrate our expertise in the industry?

Build out these [KEY POINTS] for my white paper on [TOPIC].

•Provide two examples of supporting evidence that demonstrate our agency’s expertise in the industry.

•Include statistics, case studies, and relevant anecdotes that strengthen our argument.

Write the conclusion section of my agency white paper [YOUR AGENCY WHITE PAPER] on [TOPIC].

Include five impactful statements that summarize the key points and leave a lasting impression on [AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHICS].

Focus on the main takeaways and how our agency can provide value to our audience.

  • Don’t forget to use role-playing.

Data Analysis

Analyze the competition:

Analyze [COMPANY]’s [MARKETING] strategy compared to its top [NUMBER] competitors [COMPETITOR 1], [COMPETITOR 2], [COMPETITOR 3], [COMPETITOR 4].


Analyze [COMPANY] brand messages and compare to [COMPETITOR 1], [COMPETITOR 2], [COMPETITOR 3], [COMPETITOR 4] brand messages. Identify [NUMBER] of differentiators that would interest [JOB TITLES OR DEMOGRAPHIC].

Audience research:

List the top 10 [DEMOGRAPHIC] aged [AGE RANGE] who are interested in [TOPIC], according to the latest statistics.

Name the common challenges faced by [JOB TITLE] when it comes to [TOPIC], and how can [COMPANY NAME] help them overcome these challenges?



Generate schema markup for [INSERT WEBPAGE URL]. 

Analyze the on-page optimization of [URL] for the [“KEYWORD”] with the goal of increasing the page’s ranking in the SERP for this keyword. 

Generate a list of 10 keyword ideas on [TOPIC]. Only suggest keywords that have high volume and low to medium competition.

Suggest 5 long-tail keywords that are relevant to [TOPIC] and have low competition.

Identify 15 location-based keywords related to [TOPIC] that have a high search volume.

What are the top 10 questions people are asking about [TOPIC]? Provide the keyword phrases for each question.

Find 10 keywords related to [TOPIC] that are currently trending and have a high search volume.

Name the top 5 competitor keywords related to [TOPIC] that I should target for my website.

Suggest 7 keywords that are relevant to [TOPIC] and have a high search volume but low click-through rate.

Generate a list of 10 LSI keywords (LATENT SEMANTIC INDEXING) that are relevant to [TOPIC] and have a high search volume.

Name the top 5 keywords my [COMPETITORS] are ranking for in Google.

Provide a list of 12 keywords related to [TOPIC] that have a low search volume but high conversion rate.

Analyze data:

Create a budget for [PROJECT/DEPARTMENT NAME]. Provide a detailed analysis of the [EXPENSES] and suggesting areas where we can reduce costs/increase revenue.

Perform a sensitivity analysis on [DATA POINT]. Provide me with a range of possible outcomes based on [SCENARIO 1] and [SCENARIO 2].

Perform a sensitivity analysis on [DATA POINT]. Provide me with a range of possible outcomes based on [SCENARIO 1] and [SCENARIO 2].

Analyze the financial data of our competitors. Gather and analyze their financial reports and providing insights on their revenue, expenses and profitability for the past [TIME PERIOD].

Project Management:

Which team member would be best suited to complete the [TASK] that requires [SKILL/EXPERIENCE] by [DEADLINE]?

Provide a breakdown of [PROJECT] into subtasks for [TEAM MEMBER] to complete by [DEADLINE].

Provide a detailed task description for [TASK], including any dependencies, deliverables, and stakeholders involved.

Project Kick-off call:

Identify project objectives, map out timelines, and ensure all stakeholders are aligned on project goals [YOUR GOALS].

How can I use [ChatGPT or Claude] to ensure that my agency’s project [YOUR PROJECT] kick-off calls are streamlined and efficient?

Review Project Assumptions:

Review my project assumptions [YOUR PROJECT ASSUMPTIONS] and provide insights on any potential risks or opportunities. My project involves [PROJECT DESCRIPTION].

I have a few assumptions about my project, but I’m not sure if they’re valid. Validate or disprove them and provide feedback. Some of my assumptions are [ASSUMPTION 1], [ASSUMPTION 2], and [ASSUMPTION 3].

I want to challenge my project assumptions [YOUR PROJECT ASSUMPTIONS] and see if there are any alternative approaches that might be more effective. Brainstorm [X#] alternative assumptions or approaches? My project involves [PROJECT DESCRIPTION].

I need to review my project assumptions [YOUR ASSUMPTIONS] and ensure that they align with industry best practices. Provide me with some guidance or recommendations based on your experience with similar projects? Specifically, I’m interested in [TOPIC/AREA OF INTEREST].

Track project expenses:

Analyze my project expenses [YOUR EXPENSES] for the past [TIMEFRAME], and identify areas where we can reduce costs.

Generate a detailed report of all the expenses [YOUR EXPENSES] incurred during the [PROJECT NAME] project.

How can I use ChatGPT to predict our future expenses and estimate our budget for the next [TIMEFRAME]?

Can you suggest some strategies to optimize our project budget [YOUR BUDGET] and reduce unnecessary expenses?

Categorize and organize my project expenses [YOUR EXPENSES DATA] for tax purposes. Provide a breakdown of all expenses by category?

Create a Gantt chart:

Give me a Gantt chart template for [PROJECT NAME]. I need to see the dependencies, deadlines, and milestones [YOUR DATA] to ensure the project stays on track.

Help with scheduling my project tasks [YOUR PROJECT TASKS]. Suggest a timeline for [PROJECT NAME] that includes critical paths and resource allocation?

What is the best way to determine the project schedule for [PROJECT NAME]? Can you provide me with some tips on how to create an accurate Gantt chart?

Review a project schedule:

Provide an overview of the project schedule for [PROJECT NAME]? Include the critical path and any potential risks based on the current schedule [YOUR SCHEDULE].”

What adjustments can be made to the resource allocation and scheduling [YOUR SCHEDULE] of [PROJECT NAME] to ensure it is delivered on time and within budget?”

Business Development

Conduct market research:

What are the current market trends and opportunities for [PRODUCT/SERVICE] in [COUNTRY/REGION]? How can we capitalize on these trends to increase sales and revenue?

Provide an analysis of the competitive landscape in the [INDUSTRY/NICHE] for [COMPANY]? Who are the major players, and what are their strengths and weaknesses in terms of [PRODUCT/SERVICE], [PRICING], and [MARKETING STRATEGY]?

What are the best practices for building and maintaining a strong brand identity in [INDUSTRY/NICHE]? How can [COMPANY] differentiate itself from competitors and create a loyal customer base?

What are the latest developments in [TECHNOLOGY/TREND] that could impact the [INDUSTRY/NICHE] in the next few years? How can [COMPANY] stay ahead of the curve and adapt to these changes?

What are the most effective marketing strategies for [TARGET AUDIENCE] in [INDUSTRY/NICHE]? How can [COMPANY] create engaging and impactful campaigns that resonate with its audience?

Research target audience:

Provide me with a list of the top 10 [DEMOGRAPHIC] aged [AGE RANGE] that are interested in [TOPIC], according to the latest statistics.

Based on the [ANALYTICS TOOL] data, suggest the most popular topics related to [TOPIC] that the target audience of [COMPANY NAME] is searching for.

What are the common challenges faced by [JOB TITLE] when it comes to [TOPIC], and how can [COMPANY NAME] help them overcome these challenges?

What motivates [DEMOGRAPHIC] to [ACTION], and how can [COMPANY NAME] cater to their specific needs?

How can [COMPANY NAME] tailor its [PRODUCT/SERVICE] to cater to the [LEARNING STYLE/INTERESTS] of [DEMOGRAPHIC], and what are the most effective [TEACHING METHOD/FEATURES] for them?

Review sales strategy:

What are some possible reasons for [COMPANY]’s declining sales in the last [TIME PERIOD], and what steps can we take to improve our sales strategy moving forward?

Based on our sales data, how can we optimize our pricing strategy to maximize revenue for [PRODUCT/SERVICE]? Provide recommendations for different pricing tiers and potential discounts for [TARGET AUDIENCE].

Provide an analysis of our competitors’ sales strategies and suggest ways we can differentiate ourselves in the [TARGET MARKET].

What are some effective lead generation tactics that we can use to increase sales, particularly in [TARGET GEOGRAPHY]? Provide recommendations for [CONTENT/MESSAGING] that would resonate with [TARGET AUDIENCE].

How can we use [DATA/FEEDBACK] to improve our sales strategy, including our messaging, targeting, and sales process? Provide recommendations for [IMPROVEMENT AREA].

Develop a product strategy:

Develop a product strategy [YOUR STRATEGY] for [MY AGENCY] that will differentiate us from our competitors? I want to know what our target market needs and how we can deliver a product that exceeds their expectations.

We are launching a new product [YOUR PRODUCT] for [TARGET MARKET]. Develop a pricing strategy that will maximize profits and maintain a competitive advantage in the market.

We are considering expanding our product line [YOUR LINE] to include [PRODUCT CATEGORY]. Determine the feasibility of this expansion and develop a strategy for success.

I need assistance in identifying the most effective marketing channels for [TARGET MARKET]. Provide recommendations on how to reach our target audience and increase brand awareness.

Create a lead scoring system:

How can I use [INSERT LEAD SOURCE] data to improve my lead scoring system for [INSERT COMPANY NAME]? What other factors should I consider when developing my scoring model?

Set up a lead scoring system that takes into account lead behavior, such as [INSERT BEHAVIOR], as well as lead demographics, such as [INSERT DEMOGRAPHIC]? How should I weight these factors to accurately reflect the likelihood of a lead converting into a sale?

I’m interested in building a lead scoring system for my [INSERT INDUSTRY] business. Provide me with some examples of scoring models used in similar industries, and suggest ways to customize these models to meet my specific needs.

How can I leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to improve the accuracy and efficiency of my lead scoring system? What data sources should I use to train my algorithms, and how can I ensure that my model remains up-to-date and relevant?

Conduct a SWOT analysis:

What are the top [NUMBER] strengths and [NUMBER] weaknesses of [COMPANY], and how can we leverage or address them in our strategic plan?

What internal factor represents the biggest opportunity for [COMPANY] to improve, and what strategies can we implement to take advantage of it?

What external factor poses the greatest threat to [COMPANY]’s success, and how can we minimize the impact of this threat?

What internal factor is holding [COMPANY] back from achieving its goals, and how can we address it in our strategic plan?

How can we use the SWOT analysis to identify [NUMBER] actionable steps for [COMPANY] to improve its overall performance?

Research industry trends:

What are the top [NUMBER] trends in the [INDUSTRY] industry, and how can [COMPANY] adapt to take advantage of them?

Can ChatGPT provide insights on how [INDUSTRY] companies are using [EMERGING TECHNOLOGY] to improve [BUSINESS FUNCTION], and how can [COMPANY] apply these strategies?

What are the most significant factors driving growth in the [INDUSTRY] industry, and how can [COMPANY] capitalize on them?

How have consumer preferences in the [INDUSTRY] industry changed over the past [NUMBER] years, and what implications does this have for [COMPANY]’s product/service offerings?

Can ChatGPT provide a comprehensive analysis of [TOP COMPETITOR]’s strengths and weaknesses in the [INDUSTRY] industry, and how can [COMPANY] use this information to gain a competitive edge?

Create a lead generation plan:

What are the most effective lead generation strategies for [MY COMPANY NAME] to target [TARGET AUDIENCE]?

How can [MY COMPANY NAME] leverage [MARKETING CHANNEL] to generate high-quality leads?

What are some proven tactics for nurturing leads in [MY INDUSTRY]?

Recommend some lead generation tools or software that [MY COMPANY NAME] can use.

How can [MY COMPANY NAME] optimize its website [YOUR WEBSITE] for lead generation?

Create an advertising plan:

Provide a list of potential advertising channels for my [BUSINESS TYPE] business? I’m looking for channels that will reach my target audience of [DEMOGRAPHIC] effectively.

What are some effective messaging strategies and creative concepts that I can use to capture the attention of [TARGET AUDIENCE] and persuade them to take action for my [CAMPAIGN GOAL] campaign?

What is the best way to budget and allocate funds across different advertising channels for my [BUSINESS TYPE] business’s [CAMPAIGN GOAL] campaign?

What are some metrics and KPIs that I should be tracking to measure the success of my [CAMPAIGN GOAL] campaign for [TARGET AUDIENCE]?

How can I optimize my [BUSINESS TYPE] business’s [CAMPAIGN GOAL] campaign based on user feedback and data analysis? Specifically, how can I improve [SPECIFIC AREA] to achieve better results for my [TARGET AUDIENCE]?

Create a PR strategy:

What are some unique story angles that we can use to pitch [COMPANY NAME] to [TARGETED MEDIA OUTLET] by highlighting our [UNIQUE SELLING POINTS]?

How can I use ChatGPT to develop a crisis communications plan that addresses potential reputational risks for [COMPANY NAME] due to [POTENTIAL THREATS/SITUATIONS] by providing a [STRATEGIC RESPONSE/STATEMENT]?

What are some effective strategies for leveraging influencer marketing to promote [COMPANY NAME]’s [PRODUCT/SERVICE] to [TARGET AUDIENCE] by partnering with [RELEVANT INFLUENCERS/BRAND AMBASSADORS] and showcasing their [UNIQUE CONTENT/TESTIMONIALS]?

Generate a list of relevant industry events where we can pitch [COMPANY NAME] as a thought leader in [INDUSTRY/AREA OF EXPERTISE] by showcasing our [RELEVANT PRODUCTS/SERVICES/INNOVATIONS].

Design a newsletter:

Write an intro paragraph for my newsletter about [TOPIC]? I want it to be attention-grabbing and set the tone for the rest of the newsletter.

I need help with a content outline for my newsletter about [TOPIC]. Suggest some key sections and subheadings to include?

I want [NUMBER] ideas for a feature article in my newsletter about [TOPIC] targeting [DEMOGRAPHIC]. Provide some research and data points to support the article?

I want [NUMBER] ideas for a feature article in my newsletter about [TOPIC]. Provide some research and data points to support the article?

How can I personalize my newsletter content for different segments of my email list? The demographics are [DEMOGRAPHICS]. I want to provide tailored content that speaks directly to their needs.

Create a call-to-action for my newsletter about [TOPIC]. I want to encourage my subscribers to take a specific action, such as registering for an upcoming event or downloading a whitepaper.

Create a social media content calendar:

Create a [TIMING] social media content calendar for [BRAND]. I post on [SOCIAL PLATFORMS].


I will post [FREQUENCY] on all platforms, except [PLATFORM], where I will post [FREQUENCY].

You will provide the full content calendar for all platforms.

First, you will ask me questions about my business and audience, as well as key newsworthy events, brand background, and key messages.

— Answer the questions the AI asks —

Create the full [TIMING] content calendar for all outlined platforms and frequency of posts. Provide a [NUMBER OF COLUMNS] table format with [CONTENT] in one column, [CONTENT] in the next column…

Other content calendar prompts:

Develop with [X] content ideas for [CLIENT’S] [INDUSTRY] blog? I want to ensure that the topics are relevant and engaging for our target audience [DEMOGRAPHIC].

Develop a content brief for [CLIENT’S] upcoming [CONTENT TYPE] on [TOPIC]. Provide me with an outline of the key points that should be covered in the brief.

How can I ensure that the content topics in [CLIENT’S] content calendar are aligned with our overall content strategy for [QUARTER/YEAR]?”

Identify any gaps in [CLIENT’S] content calendar that need to be filled in the next [TIMEFRAME].

I want to repurpose [CLIENT’S] existing content into [CONTENT TYPE], such as [PLATFORM]. Provide [x#] ideas on how to do this effectively.

Edit blog posts:

Provide suggestions on how to improve the structure of my blog post? Specifically, [FOR ISSUE OR CONCERN].

Create catchy opening sentences for my blog post [YOUR BLOG POST], that captures the [DEMOGRAPHIC] attention.

My blog post [YOUR BLOG POST] is too long, and I need help editing it down. Suggest any sections that could be removed or condensed without losing the overall message.

Review my blog post [YOUR BLOG POST] and provide feedback on the tone [FOR ISSUE OR CONCERN].

Write email newsletter:

How can I [ACTION] [TARGET AUDIENCE] with [PRODUCT/SERVICE] in my newsletter to [GOAL]?

What are some [ADJECTIVE] [TOPIC] [TARGET AUDIENCE] care about, and how can I [ACTION] these in my newsletter to [GOAL]?

What are some [ADJECTIVE] [TOPIC] [TARGET AUDIENCE] may not know, and how can I [ACTION] this in my newsletter to [GOAL]?

Help me [ACTION] my newsletter content to align with my [BRAND VOICE/VALUES] and [TARGET AUDIENCE] preferences for [TOPIC]?

What are some [ADJECTIVE] [TOPIC] that [TARGET AUDIENCE] are currently discussing, and how can I [ACTION] this in my newsletter to [GOAL]?

Write a press release:

We’re launching a new product line at [COMPANY NAME] and need you to create a press release that highlights the unique features and benefits [YOUR PRODUCT UNIQUE FEATURES AND BENEFITS] of each product. Generate compelling content for each product?

Write a press release for [COMPANY NAME] about their recent funding round. Craft a message that showcases their growth potential and highlights the key investors and partners involved?

I’m looking to create a press release for [COMPANY NAME] that announces our recent corporate social responsibility initiatives. Craft a message that showcases our commitment to sustainability and social impact?

We’re hosting a major industry conference at [COMPANY NAME] and need to create a press release that highlights the keynote speakers, panels, and networking opportunities. Generate an informative and engaging message.

Create blog posts titles:

What are the top [NUMBER] strategies for creating engaging blog post titles in the [INDUSTRY] industry?

How can I use data [YOUR DATA] analysis to improve my blog post titles and increase click-through rates for my [PRODUCT/SERVICE]?

What are the most effective words to use in blog post titles to boost SEO rankings and drive more organic traffic to my [WEBSITE/PLATFORM]?

How can I use psychological principles to craft blog post titles that resonate with my target audience [YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE] and increase brand awareness for my [COMPANY]?

What are the best practices for A/B testing blog post titles to determine which ones generate the most engagement and conversions for my [CAMPAIGN]?

Create a webinar slide deck:

I’m creating a webinar slide deck on [TOPIC] and need help crafting an attention-grabbing introduction. Provide me with a few options that I can customize to fit my audience?

Suggest a structure or outline for this webinar slide deck that I can customize to fit my presentation.

Identify [NUMBER] of specific data or statistics related to [TOPIC] that I can include in my webinar slide deck to support my message.

Suggest [X#] techniques or activities that I can customize in my webinar slide deck to fit my audience of [DEMOGRAPHIC].

Identify [X#] specific data or statistics related to [TOPIC] I can include in my webinar slide deck to support my message of [MESSAGE/TOPIC].

I want to create a visually appealing and professional-looking webinar slide deck. Provide [X#] design templates or layout suggestions that I can customize to fit my branding and style of [DESCRIBE BRAND].

Create an infographic:

Provide me with a comparative analysis of [PRODUCT A] and [PRODUCT B] for my infographic. Specifically, I’m looking for insights on the key differences, advantages, and challenges of each product, and how they impact the overall user experience.

I’m creating an infographic that explores the impact of [TREND] on [TARGET AUDIENCE]. Provide me with data-driven insights on how this trend is affecting [DEMOGRAPHIC A], [DEMOGRAPHIC B], and [DEMOGRAPHIC C], and what the future implications are for [TARGET AUDIENCE]?

I’m creating an infographic that highlights the benefits of [PRODUCT/SERVICE] for [TARGET AUDIENCE]. Suggest [NUMBER] data points or statistics that demonstrate the effectiveness of [PRODUCT/SERVICE], and how it compares to similar offerings in the market?

I’m looking to create an infographic that visualizes [DATA SET]. Suggest a creative and engaging way to display this data, using charts, graphs, or infographics to provide context and insights?

Develop a content theme:

What are the latest trends in [INDUSTRY] and how can I leverage them to create compelling content?

How can I use [PRODUCT/SERVICE] to address the pain points of [TARGET AUDIENCE] in a way that’s informative and engaging?

What are some of the most common misconceptions about [TOPIC] that I can address in my content?

What are some of the biggest challenges facing [INDUSTRY] today and how can my content help [TARGET AUDIENCE] overcome them?

What are some creative ways to use [KEYWORD] in my content to make it more interesting and relevant to my audience?

Create a website landing page:

Provide me with a [DESCRIPTION] section for our [PRODUCT/SERVICE] landing page that highlights the unique [FEATURE/BENEFIT] of our [COMPANY/BRAND]?

Write a compelling [TESTIMONIAL] for our [PRODUCT/SERVICE] landing page that features a quote from a satisfied [CUSTOMER/CLIENT].

What are some [FEATURES/BENEFITS] of our [PRODUCT/SERVICE] that should be highlighted on the landing page?

Create a [CALL-TO-ACTION] that encourages visitors to [ACTION] on our [PRODUCT/SERVICE] landing page?

Write a [META-DESCRIPTION] that effectively summarizes our [PRODUCT/SERVICE] landing page for search engines while highlighting our [COMPANY/BRAND’S] [UNIQUE SELLING POINT/VALUE PROPOSITION].

Video content:

Help me generate a script for a video on [TOPIC]? I’m targeting an audience of [DEMOGRAPHIC] and I want the tone to be [ADJECTIVE].”

Suggest some catchy and relevant phrases that incorporate [KEYWORD] and [KEYWORD] in my video captions.

Provide me with [X#] credible sources to back up my claims about [TOPIC]? Specifically, I’m interested in [SPECIFIC AREA OF FOCUS].

Suggest some relevant clips or stock footage that [SPECIFIC STYLE/EMOTION] and incorporate [KEYWORD]?

I need to add some music to my video, but I’m not sure what would fit the tone and style. Recommend some royalty-free music tracks that have [SPECIFIC MOOD] and incorporate [KEYWORD].

Develop a content strategy:

Generate content ideas for [TOPIC/PRODUCT] targeting [TARGET AUDIENCE/INDUSTRY].

How can we use ChatGPT to research trending [KEYWORDS/TOPICS] related to [TOPIC/PRODUCT]?

What are some effective ways to refine the messaging for [CONTENT TYPE] aimed at [TARGET AUDIENCE/INDUSTRY]?

Provide insights on the [DEMOGRAPHIC/PSYCHOGRAPHIC] characteristics of [TARGET AUDIENCE/INDUSTRY]?

How can we use ChatGPT to analyze [COMPETITOR/INDUSTRY LEADER] content strategy and find areas for differentiation?

Design a landing page:

Write a [WORD COUNT] word introduction for my landing page for [COMPANY NAME] that highlights our unique selling proposition and value proposition.

I want to create a section on my landing page that addresses the most common objections that potential customers might have. Provide me with [NUMBER OF OBJECTIONS] different objection handling responses that I can use for [COMPANY NAME].

I need to create a landing page that targets [TARGET AUDIENCE] and addresses their specific needs and pain points. Provide me with [NUMBER OF PARAGRAPHS] paragraphs of copy that I can use for [COMPANY NAME]?

Suggest some keywords and phrases that I should include in the meta description for my landing page for [COMPANY NAME]?

Website copy

Generate a brief introduction for our [TYPE OF COMPANY], [COMPANY NAME], that emphasizes our unique [UNIQUE SELLING POINT] and sets us apart from other [INDUSTRY/NICHE] providers.

We are launching a new [PRODUCT/SERVICE] and need a landing page that highlights its [KEY FEATURES/BENEFITS] and unique value proposition. Create a compelling copy for the page, including a headline and subheading, that encourages visitors to [CALL-TO-ACTION].

Our [TYPE OF AGENCY]’s website needs a refreshed copy that reflects our brand’s personality and values. Create website copy that showcases our strengths and establishes credibility with our target audience, [TARGET AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHIC].

Our company is expanding its services to include [NEW SERVICE/PRODUCT], and we need a webpage that introduces and promotes the [SERVICE/PRODUCT]. Write a copy that clearly explains the benefits of this new [SERVICE/PRODUCT] and encourages potential clients to [CALL-TO-ACTION].

We’re hosting an event and need a webpage that provides all the essential information, such as [EVENT DETAILS]. Create a comprehensive copy that highlights the key features of the event and persuades potential attendees to [CALL-TO-ACTION].

Develop a video script:

Provide me with a [LENGTH] video script for [TOPIC] that will engage [TARGET AUDIENCE] and convey [MESSAGE] in a compelling way.

Structure my video script to include [KEY POINTS] and address common questions/concerns that my audience may have about [TOPIC].

What are some creative ways to open and close my video script and keep my audience engaged throughout the entire presentation?

How can I use storytelling techniques to make my video script more engaging and memorable for my audience?

Provide me with a template or framework for creating a video script that includes introduction, body and conclusion and addresses [TOPIC] in a clear and concise manner.

Write social media posts:

Create attention-grabbing social media posts for my [business/brand] in the [industry/niche].

What are some innovative ways that you can assist me in generating unique and informative [type of content] for my [industry/niche] [website/blog]?

Provide me with [industry/niche]-specific keywords and phrases to include in my social media posts for maximum impact?

Personalize my social media posts to better engage with my [industry/niche] audience.

What are some effective strategies for utilizing ChatGPT or Claude to create viral social media content for my [industry/niche] [business/brand]?

Write ad copy:

How can we explain benefits for [TARGET AUDIENCE] in a way that stands out from competitors?

Suggest [NUMBER] different ad angles that we can use to promote our [PRODUCT/SERVICE] to [TARGET AUDIENCE].

What emotion appeals can we incorporate into our ad copy to create a sense of urgency and drive conversions?

Craft ad copy that addresses common objections that our [TARGET AUDIENCE] might have about our [PRODUCT/SERVICE].

What are the most effective ways to use social proof in our ad copy to build trust and credibility with our [TARGET AUDIENCE]?

Create a product demo video:

Generate a script that showcases the [KEY FEATURES] of our [PRODUCT NAME] in a product demo video for [COMPANY NAME]. Include an engaging opening and a clear call to action.”

Create a product demo video script that highlights the benefits of our [PRODUCT NAME] for [TARGET AUDIENCE]? Include examples of how the product can solve their pain points.

I need a product demo video script that effectively communicates the [VALUE PROPOSITION] of our [PRODUCT NAME]. Provide a script that uses [ADJECTIVE] language to appeal to [TARGET AUDIENCE] and includes a strong closing statement.

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