Midjourney Releases Version 5.2

Midjourney has launched version 5.2 of is AI-powered image creator, which includes a new “zoom” feature allowing users to maintain a central synthesized image while building out a larger scene around the image.

This new feature – which is only available as a subscription – is similar to Open AI’s DALL-E2 outpainting technique. Midjourney’s zoom -out feature can take an existing AI-generated image and expand its borders while maintaining the integrity of the original subject centered in the new image. Unlike DALL-E and Photoshop’s Generative Fill feature, users cannot select a custom image to expand.

Users can experiment with the zoom out feature bby generating any v5.2 image and upscaling a result. Once you do that, you will see a special “Zoom” button below the output. You can then zoom out by a factor of 1.5x, 2x, or a customized value between 1 and 2. This will help determine the level of detail and pixelation in your image.

You can also utilize another button called “Make Square” to generate material around the existing image in a 1:1 square aspect ratio.

David Holz, the creator of Midjourney, announced the new v5.2 features and improvements over the Discord server.

Other significant additions include an overhauled aesthetic system, which should deliver better image quality and a stronger “–stylize” command that effectively influences how non-realistic an image looks. This will be especially important for brands that want to design imagery in the style of existing artists.

Users will also find a new default “high variation mode,” that increases compositional variety. And, a new “/shorten” command enables users to assess prompts in an attempt to trim out non-essential words. This functions much like the old school Boolean logic direction of <this NOT that>.

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